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Janet Manildi

Jan grew up in Santa Cruz and graduated from San Jose State University, where she met her husband, Gary. Their 2 daughters, Gina and Joey, attended Sunday School and Cedar Lake Camp. Jan retired 13 years ago after teaching elementary school for 40 years. Jan started teaching Sunday School at Pilgrim when Marie Lewis' daughter was pregnant, and they needed someone to substitute for her. That was sometime in the late 70's and she's been active in Sunday School ever since. She's been on the CE Board several times and served as Chairman. She led many of our Vacation Bible Schools and has been serving as Sunday School Superintendent for the last 8 years.

Sarah Campbell

Sarah has been attending Pilgrim Congregational Church most of her life. She was active within the youth group as a teenager and as an adult she joined and served on the board of Christian Education for 7 years, 2 of those years as chairperson. She has attended Cedar Lake Camp both as a youth and an adult and has served as a camp counselor. She has taught Sunday School for several years and has helped with and led church youth productions. She enjoys teaching and learning from the youth during Imagination Hour as well as the many other Christian Education events. She is active within her community as a volunteer with both Boy and Girl Scouts. She also cherishes her most important jobs, being a wife and mother of two sons and a daughter. She loves children and watching them grow and learn and is honored to have been able to see many of our youth at Pilgrim Congregational grow up in the church. Sarah can be reached by calling 909- 622-1373 Tuesdays from 9:00am – 4pm or anytime by email at
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