Cedar Lake Camp

Nestled at 7,000 feet in the majestic San Bernardino Mountains is Cedar Lake Camp, a 270-acre, year-round group camp and retreat facility that is arguably the most beautiful group camp and retreat facility in Southern California.  Located in Big Bear Lake and surrounded by the San Bernardino National Forest with a private lake, the camp provides many amenities for groups in a captivating mountain setting.


Youth Camp: Each summer, in late July, campers of all ages from Pilgrim Congregational Church, visit Cedar Lake Camp, for a summer retreat.  Youth between 3rd and 12th attend a weeklong youth camp, where they experience faith growing activities, such as Morning Celebration, Evening Vespers and Small Group Sessions, and fun recreation like Capture the Flag, Camp Relays, Hiking, Swimming and Canoeing.  There are opportunities for creative fun through crafts, lanyards and tie-dye are favorites.  Camp wouldn’t be camp without its friendship bonding activities, like campfire, skits, and a dance party. 

Adult Camp: Adult Camp is also available for half a week and runs parallel with the youth camp.  Adults stay in Herriman Lodge with near hotel like accommodations while keeping with a camp feel.  Though there is a schedule with worship opportunities, bible studies and book discussions, time for board/card games as well as opportunities to enjoy swimming and canoeing, it is less structured than the youth camp with opportunities for free time, where you can drive into Big Bear Village (just 5 minutes away) for shopping, touring and more.


Winter Retreat: Pilgrim teens, 13-17 years old, are invited for a Winter Retreat to Cedar Lake Camp.  This is an exclusive opportunity to Pilgrim’s Sparking Legacies teenagers who have already confirmed membership to Pilgrim Congregational Church or who are committed to going through Confirmation.  It is scheduled over a three day weekend in February when possible and includes Worship Time, Confirmation Workshops for those who are ready to make the commitment, fun age appropriate activities and Mission Work.  It is a great opportunity for our youth to come together in fellowship, faith building and service activities while having fun in one of the most beautiful and inspiring locations of the world.

“Cedar Lake is where I can see and feel God.”

“At home and at school is often easy to doubt, but at Cedar Lake Camp, I just know, God is by my side.”