Welcome to Pilgrim Congregational Church! We are delighted to welcome you
to a place where faith has been growing for over 125 years!


Our Mission statement describes us well: Pilgrim Congregational Church is an independent community of Christian faith which glorifies God through worship and service to others, respects individual spiritual growth, and inspires compassionate fellowship.


Our Vision statement shares how we see ourselves: Pilgrim is the spiritual home of our community where all people are welcomed, known, and loved. And perhaps our motto says it most simply: “We don’t think for you, we care for you.”

Our motto says it most simply:
“We don’t think for you, we care for you.”

As members of the National Association of Congregational Christian Churches we cherish our heritage. We are the heirs of the Pilgrims who crossed the Atlantic in the Mayflower to come to the new world where they could know and worship God as they felt the Scriptures called them. We carry their legacy of faith, freedom, and fellowship which are richly entwined in our past and in our future.

There are many ways to become involved at the church and we welcome you to them all. There are classes and activities for children and youth. We have a Women’s Auxiliary and a Men’s Breakfast group. We have Bible study and discussion groups centering on the ways our faith works in the world. We offer times for prayer and meditation. Our choir welcomes all singers to be a part of the beautiful music they share each week. We have book groups and craft groups. We have an active outreach program which not only shares resources and funds but also works in the community. And twice a year we have a huge rummage sale which not only raises money for the church and for our outreach but provides our neighbors with clothing and goods that might not otherwise be affordable.

In other words—no matter who you are or where you are on your journey of faith there is a place for you here! Join us for worship Sunday mornings at 10 a.m. and meet the wonderful people in this household of faith!
We don't think for you, we care for you.
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