N.A.P.F./H.O.P.E. Annual Conference

N.A.P.F. (National Association of Pilgrim Fellowship) is for youth who are entering 9th – 12th grade.  N.A.P.F. allows teens to meet and bond with other Christians from throughout the country and to share their faith in a fun-filled atmosphere.  Small groups are led by dedicated adult counselors, many of whom volunteer and use vacation time to attend.  In conjunction with tremendous worship music, worship times may be led by members of the Commission on Youth Ministries or other adult leaders.  Local church youth groups are also asked to prepare and lead morning and evening devotional.  Opportunities to express faith through acts of service are always a highlight of the conference through Mission Assignments.  Any time a group of young people is gathered, there is always plenty of fun!


H.O.P.E (Heritage of Pilgrim Endeavor) offers young adults post high school through age 26 a great opportunity to further grow in faith with peers in an environment similar to N.A.P.F. While still including worship, speakers, small group time, and mission work, H.O.P.E. promotes closer connection with peers and deeper discussion about faith through peer-led small groups.  The experiences and perspectives that each person brings to their small group are valued and can enrich discussions about faith in remarkable ways.  In addition, HOPE provides more opportunities for leadership involvement through prayer team, small group leader, or CYM (Commission on Youth Ministries) representative positions.  H.O.P.E. creates a genuine, meaningful, and fun atmosphere to grow in faith while creating new friendships!


Each year, typically the last week in June, a group of Teens and Young Adults travel together through Pilgrim Congregational Church to the N.A.P.F./H.O.P.E. conferences which changes locations annually.  We have traveled to Ohio, Georgia, Massachusetts, Michigan, Wisconsin, Alaska, Florida, Arizona, and Washington, just to name a few.  Following conference, we usually spend a day touring the area visiting locals special to the area such as the Rock’n’roll Hall of Fame in Ohio, Disney World in Florida, the beach in California and enjoy activities such as canoeing, white water rafting, attending a local baseball team’s game and more.  To learn more about where conference is this year and what activities we may be enjoying, contact our youth director at