Christian Education

We have exciting programs for kids and teenagers of all ages from Kindergarten through High School. Pilgrim is a volunteer driven church, with involvement from parents and church members working alongside the Directors of Christian Education, Patrick & Sarah. We are all committed to helping today’s youth and share a passion for service and sharing God’s love.

“Let your light shine before others so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven.” ~ Matthew 5:16

Sunday School

Pilgrim Congregational Church is the place for Children! With two Directors of Christian Education and a Superintendent who was also a teacher and many caring and devoted volunteers, the children of Pilgrim learn and grow up knowing the love Christ has for them. All children 5 and up start their morning at 10am with their parents in church and after the lesson, a few songs and a children’s message, they are dismissed into their Sunday School classes. Sunday School is offered for children of all ages, from kindergarten through High School. A nursery for infants through pre-school is available during worship service.

Sparking Legacies

The Sparking Legacies are all the youth of Pilgrim Congregational Church from 5 years old to 18 years. They love, learn and share their faith with others through fun events, activities and service projects. We have many events tailored to the different age groups and some where they all come together for fun and fellowship. They are the sparks of faith and hope that spread God’s love through their church, family and community.

“It only takes a spark, to get a fire going, and soon all those around, will warm up to its glowing. That’s how it is with God’s Love. Once you’ve experienced it, you spread His love to everyone. 
You pass it on.” ~ Pass It On by Kurt Kaiser
We don't think for you, we care for you.
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