Diaconate Board

Diaconate Board is responsible for and oversees the sanctuary and worship services of the Church as prescribed in the By-Laws of Pilgrim Congregation Church. The duties of the Diaconate Board are facilitated by committees within the Board. The Board currently consists of 15 Church members, which make up these committees. The operating funds for the Diaconate Board are obtained solely from the special collections at each communion.

The routine duties of this Board include: serving communion; staffing ushers, greeters and acolytes for the church services; maintaining pulpit and alter hangings; maintaining sanctuary supplies and scholarship and loan funds; remembrance and visitation of home bound members; hosting coffee hours; and facilitating communications between Church Boards through Diaconate representation at Church Council meetings.

Board of Christian Education

The Board of Christian Education is comprised of volunteers dedicated to providing leadership, guidance and support to Pilgrim Congregational Church’s Department of Christian Education.

Board of Christian Outreach

The mission of the Board of Christian Outreach is to lead Pilgrim Church in identifying specific needs and allocating our resources, financial, physical and spiritual, within our community and throughout the world.

Some of the groups that we help locally are: Hope Partners. Crossroads, Mercy House, Community Engagement Group, Foothill Family Shelter, Sister Project & House of Ruth. 

Our national & international giving is guided by the National Association of Congregational Christian Churches who recommend and provide accountability. We are pleased to be partnered with the Mission and Outreach Ministry Council of the NACCC.!
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